La Solitude Lumineuse


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All the good days, we'll catch them 'round the bend, all the nice things will fix our broken heads
All the broken hearts will be fixed with new pieces falling from the sky, we will all be there
Hand in hand, side by side.

You do come cold, can you come lukewarm?
The touch of ice kills all the taste on my tongue.
In a blue scene, the purest light
Bounces across the tunnels of this frozen mass
that was your flesh, in the way of language.
The most painful question: is it the sun that melts your heart,
babe, is it your inhibitions?
It's your inhibitions.
It's not the sun that melts your heart, babe, it's your inhibitions.

I see you as the blinding light
That leaves a dent in my vision
But the purest black, nor the dirtiest high, love, 
Can obscure your luminous impressions
Of a woman-sized butterfly. (naturally)


With my feet half-on, half-off of the curb, I try roach as fast as I can
Before the owner finds out.
He's such a dick to her and I can't say a single word about it.

Every second spent with "her" make my time more easy passin'
And I'd do anything, anything, for her to rest and talk to me,
Then I'd talk back, invert the roles for a while

You asked my why I'm drunk all the time: 
It levels my thoughts and eases my mind (thank you bobby)
You say I'm dressed like a christmas tree,
What if I sang a song and tried to sell you something?
Degenerate, yes, but not beyond reason,
I fall and falter, in and out of reach
Impeached by the breach, which extends, and devours this sudden scene,
Evaporating as fast as I turn away,
Leaving only the thoughts of all I'll never know, never get, never get to touch.
She's something I'll never know, never get, never get to touch.

With my feet half-on, half-off of the world, I could fall at any given time,
But will I fall in, or fall out?
The air is now dense, and palpable, it seems to weigh on us
And crush us seamlessly.


Uglifying beauty is full-time, and time is a sour-bomb candy
That rots your teeth and brings the tears to your eyes
Before you get to the sweet core of it.

You're ashamed of your shamelessness, then I must tell you
To stop beating yourself,
You're so paradoxical, you get emotional about your broken heart.
You're all emotional about your broken heart.

And the night time drives you insane


Your ego descended, when you concentrated, saw you hadn't transcended but merely accepted
And then oblique reflections happened in a hurry.

I'm a night-watch mechanic, it's hard to be romantic,
I'm the disinfectant you are bleeding for.
Shapes as facts and facts as weapons of mass conception
Truths like razorblades in every bat of the eyes.

The motion of mankind is confusing, every word and action is conducive
To contradictions that the system finds addictive, a solid parhelion.

Announcing the death of Jesus, the leather clad whips twice the butt-cheeks of a talking calf.
Onanism is ubiquitous and collective, it's delightful, the exhilaration is obsessive and seductive,
Shot in the arm with the flesh of the origin and humble before the sun.

The motion of mankind is confusing, every word and action is conducive
To contradictions that the system finds addictive, a solid parhelion.

People are strangers till you realise that they're stranger than that,
Lover will always be dreamers till they wanna wake up.
I could cry to you and ask you to be someone else,
But I am not trying to formalise existence

Well onanism has its virtues, work these chemicals out girl, work 'em chemicals out,
I'll be sitting on the floor and sulking 'cause I can't see the show (work'em chemicals out!)
Now I know that it's a perverse multiverse, I know I know I know
Now I know that it's a perverse multiverse.

The motion of mankind is confusing, every word and action is conducive
To contradictions that the system finds addictive, a solid parhelion.


It's alright to fancy anything, especially the things you cannot have,
Sometimes I can remember conversations with myself, 'cause my thoughts are so loud.
She said I'm like a social butterfly in a fucking bee nest, I didn't want to believe it then,
But I guess that it's the truth.
I want to laugh in my own face, but I can't stand these walking mirrors.

Anything that you would fancy? Take it, it's yours.

You've always got to know where you are standing, there's only two ways to fuck a fly
Either with or without its consent, like Boris Vian says,
I always put a lot of faith in this advice.
Yesterday, as I was walking down along the field, a bird came to nest in my hand and whispered gentle words to my guitar.
I only wished It was a bird in the English sense, one that won't fly away, but stay a while.

Anything that you would fancy? Take it, it's yours.


Summer's on its last breath, and I never even got to tell you
I only wanted some tenderness. Now you throw at me
An ocean of complexions between my simple envies
And the cards in the game.

The seasons are concluding their dance, the sky's getting grey,
With all else in concordance, stupid rain falls into the street,
Unforgiving. And the outside still calls,
But it's just not the same.

The city bathes in the heat of its own convolution, absorbed in unspoken evolution
Mindless in the grip of its infant confusion. A bright future coming out of the womb.


I used to live in the big town, where you choke on the dirt when you breathe,
And the TV was a mirror that made us all look bad, my mind was the sorriest scene,
Emprisonned with desire to be free, desiring to become something else,
In the film I was constantly writing, I couldn't decide my character's name.

Goldie locks had the sketchy connections, we were introduced a rainy evening,
I had a party plan, they made a strange first impression, but
You can say they got the party going.
While a mountain surrendered to the sea, for a minute did the needle show ten,
A song was boiling deep down inside me, but I couldn't pronounce what it meant.

A red car was speeding to the moon, in a world inside my world I didn't know,
And the waves were going furious, to which I was stoic as dolosotone 
And happiness, don't you know, was always right across the road, 
And I could tell all of this was happening,
I was just a figure in this painting, and I became allergic to the paint,
Yes in the dream I was constantly dreaming, I couldn't make out my character's face.


They've got a vegetable garden by the train track, and the city's creeping up,
Creepin' up!
Everyday, everyday, they gotta dig up the bad herbs
From the underground -  the bleary eyed,
These unruly youngsters!
We're going, we're going out, son! This place is not for decoration.

We haven't had a single day, we've only had nights that light up again,
Light up again!
And everytime you take back your borrowed books, I'm getting so close to their end!
They've got a paper back and a license to be wrong, they drop their fumes into the oxygen,
Hide as much truth as they possibly can.

And so, the vegetable grows, it grow until it's picked out of the ground, 
and into society, yeah


Everything, everyone's part of this divine comedy, going round and round,
Everything, everyone makes the sound of itself, and the vision of itself, till it fails:
Till it fails to impress, or it fails to sustain,
Everything, everyone is mirrors and brick walls that reverberate

Everything, everyone,
Everyone is asleep but the rain.
The rain falls, and everything, everyone is let down,
Some skilled with cruelty, some killed with kindness,
Everything, everyone feels the same.

I am writing this song, there's a pain in my life going on and on
Something's out of balance, the serene apex pains
Pee eh ayn eh ess
No envy, no anger, no empathy, no stress,
Just the longing to crawl under the ground, into the woods, 
But just please, not by myself.

I, I'm a prisoner in a glass and chrome cage,
free always to stay or leave,
But it's the way that they've bred me that I just can't shake,
I need to make things better down here,

And I need you to be here but you're waiting for someone else to make that step!
When I try to speak I soon feel that my words are all a waste!
Is this a test?

I don't know where to put myself anymore! 
I thought that someone'd come and open up the door!
Man that was just what the pretty songs said.
I've always worshipped the power of love, the power of love!
But here my heart freezes, becomes hard like a rock, where am I going? 
How am I heading this way?
It is fucked up.


Why am I such a mess, when everyone else seems to get it right?
Why am I such a wreck, when everyone around me is just getting on with their lives?
I find it so easy just to blame the world, but the truth is I'm making it work that way,
I'm creating every reason to be sad for myself, I'm the very thing that's fucking with my head.

Why am I so numb, why am I looking at the world from the outside?
There must be others there, Jay always said there are people like us everywhere.

Hey hey, seems like we're stuck here together, can we make something of it?
Hey hey, it's all happening in our backs, can we talk about it for a while?

All around me impenetrable darkness, feels like I'm alone in the universe,
But I know Jay was right. 
You have to stare, but there' people like us everywhere.

So show your faces, my lovelies, open your hearts like a million suns.

Follow the notes, we are heading back to the garden!

FB: Arthur Maslo
UK number 07925787500


released January 22, 2013

All instruments by Arthur Maslo
Except Drums by Aleksandar Jankovich



all rights reserved


Art-Ur France

ART-UR is an independent, unsigned artist, he usually plays every instrument on his tracks and attempts the production on his own. He is not interested in following a particular sound or trend, but rather in heeding the inspiration wherever it takes him, allowing for a diverse exploration where anything can happen at any time, for any reason. ... more

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